We have recently reported on a number of the elevator industry giants’ efforts to promote a greener, cleaner planet. Most of our reports, however, focused exactly on the companies’ own efforts. But this isn’t always the case, as sometimes, these giants support other groups’ efforts, because this will ultimately also lead to further development that they, along with everyone else, will be able to take advantage of.

And such is the case with Schindler Elevator, and their recent partnership with Solar Impulse, which is a zero fuel airplane whose goal is to fly around the world propelled only by solar energy. Schindler Elevator will support and closely follow the Solar Impulse, and is an important commitment in Schindler’s on-going investment in new technology for clean and sustainable mobility, and is also a key milestone for the Solar Impulse project, as Schindler’s involvement will ensure the continuous development of the project.

The Solar Impulse Plane. image taken from econews.com.au

This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, because Schindler Elevator’s latest development is an elevator powered exclusively by the sun (look forward to our report on this very soon)! It uses solar energy to power the whole system, and is a revolutionary advancement because once this system is perfected, this will definitely change the elevator industry.

And this is also one of the reasons why Schindler recognizes Solar Impulse as the most inspiring “clean” project, because it sends a powerful message to the global audience, that is, only through pioneering efforts would we be able to challenge common assumptions and behavior, and therefore, change the world. While the technology used by Solar Impulse may not power the whole world just yet, it will open a path for society to finally shed its dependency on fossil fuels!

Quoted from the actual Schindler Elevator report:

“Solar Impulse is an excellent example of innovative sustainability and grass-root entrepreneurship”, said Alfred N. Schindler, Chairman and CEO of the Schindler Group at the press conference while announcing the partnership. “This project is not only about saving and conserving energy, it’s all about working smarter instead of working harder. While staying in the air – day after day, Solar Impulse moves us beyond the idea of conventional belt tightening: it proves convincingly that one can tap into a virtually unlimited supply of solar energy. Solar Impulse is a unique platform where creativity meets audacity, technological expertise meets perseverance, vision meets discipline and, finally, where action converts a dream into reality.”

In 2010, Solar Impulse made history and became the first and only airplane to fly day and night, for 26 hours, without any fuel whatsoever.  It showed the world how, with existing technology, the potential for energy saving and renewable energy production is actually within grasp. Schindler Elevator’s involvement at the outset of the construction of the second prototype makes sure that the project is on the right track to meet its challenge of flying around the world in 2014 with no fuel. It is also a good opportunity for both groups to exchange their knowledge and push each other’s developments forward in terms of solar energy utilization, which means very good things for everyone!

Schindler chairman and CEO, Alfred Schindler (left), with Solar Impulse aviators, André Borschberg (in the cockpit) and Bertrand Piccard

source: http://www.schindler.com/20110321-si/group-news


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